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Didn't expect much going into it. I thought it was just going to be a cool little adventure game. That was until I started related to everything this game had to say. Really hit me in the feels on the part where you talk about fears.

This game made me realize that my situation isn't as bad as it may seem to me and all I need to do is just communicate my feelings more and that it's okay to be scare sometimes, just so as long as I don't let fear control my every move.

Thank you.

Has to be the best and most unique platformer I've ever played.starts out easy and slowly progresses in difficulty all while still being possible. This game definitely tests your reflexes in a way that could make for a fun reflex tester.

not a lot on this game, but give it some more development time and some more thought and you got yourself a great game!

Basic, but I was met with a twist after the difficulty increased.

CristiBala24 responds:

Thanks for playing my game ^_^!

Loved the first two chapters, and i definitely love this one! It's a different story every chapter but it connects with the previous so well! Cannot wait for the 4th!

TheEnkian responds:

The full version of Chapter 3 will be out on November 30th. Chapter 4 and 5 will be mid to late 2019 because I've got an RPG I've been working on for 2 years (Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage) releasing in February and I want to dedicate a lot of time to promoting that. Very glad you're enjoying the series and I hope I continue to deliver :)

Got stumped after I did the thing with 3 out of (?) of the gems. Overall, the story is great! its understandable, pixel artstyle adds to the atmosphere, puzzles are just right, not too easy to breeze through, and not too hard to discourage playing. I will definitely buy the full game on Steam!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! Very glad you enjoyed it. There are four gems to find in total. There's a ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst littered throughout the building. If you haven't done so I'd recommend taking a look at the first chapter too. It's entirely free.

Very great game! Simple, but fun. Colors chosen are easy on the eyes, and it controls fairly well! Coins and blocks seem a little out of place, but other than that, I see no flaws!

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