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Didn't expect much going into it. I thought it was just going to be a cool little adventure game. That was until I started related to everything this game had to say. Really hit me in the feels on the part where you talk about fears.

This game made me realize that my situation isn't as bad as it may seem to me and all I need to do is just communicate my feelings more and that it's okay to be scare sometimes, just so as long as I don't let fear control my every move.

Thank you.

Has to be the best and most unique platformer I've ever played.starts out easy and slowly progresses in difficulty all while still being possible. This game definitely tests your reflexes in a way that could make for a fun reflex tester.

not a lot on this game, but give it some more development time and some more thought and you got yourself a great game!

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This has to be my favorite from you. Love everything about it!

I absolutely love everything in this. The trees in the background, the rock formation, the outline around Link! Everything is PERFECT!! It has a storybook feel to it and it's sorta nostalgic to me. I can almost envision movement in this.

nathanandersonart responds:

Thanks so much! Glad to hear, I really wanted to invoke some sense of nostalgia in these that felt from an earlier era in fantasy game visuals. :)

What are the chances I would find you here on the first time I browse art? Love the 8bit style shading and the blue is looking awesome! I don't know what it is about bright outlines but I absolutely love it!

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